German PATHway Program (A1 & A2 level German Language)


  • The quickest way to leave to STUDY in Europe
  • Why pay when you can get it for FREE
  • Be a part of the 4th biggest economy in the world
  • One of the safest countries in the world
  • Easy access to more than 30 countries which includes the Schengen
  • Germany is one of Europe’s biggest technology, engineering and business hub. With a fast growing economy, and innovation being the bedrock of the economy, Germany is attracting a lot of foreign students and professional talent.
  • Germany offers a wide range of courses covering many disciplines in its 381 officially recognized institutions of higher education in over 180 towns and cities throughout the country with over 14,000 DEGREE PROGRAMS. Many German universities are in the top 100 world rankings, having both tradition and excellence in teaching, and where many Nobel laureates have studied; so there isn’t a doubt that you will receive an extraordinary education!

Additional Facts about JOBS!

  • Students are allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week
  • Paid internships
  • A high chance of success for employment after graduation – 18 months to find employment after graduation (99% of engineers are employed within 6 months of graduation)


Permanent Residency (PR) after 5 years of employment!!

Benefits of PGC PATHway to Germany

  • Enroll and fly to Germany within a minimum period of 4 months
  • A1/A2 German language program is done in Sri Lanka
  • Language lessons conducted by PGC Lecturers with no added costs for 1-on-1 teachings for students who are behind the curve
  • Small class numbers not exceeding 20 to provide individual attention
  • Facilitation to guarantee FREE EDUCATION IN GERMAN STATE Universities
  • Support in the German Visa process
  • Smooth transition upon arrival facilitated by our German counterparts

What is the PGC PATHway program?

It is a German Language course conducted at PGC which enables you to leave to Germany to complete the C1 level of the German Language which automatically guarantees the admission to a German State University.

Students who will be enrolling with PGC under our PATHway program will be studying 4 months of the German language (A1 & A2). Once the A2 level is completed, PGC will make arrangements for the student admission in German State Universities for the Bachelors and Masters programs on a full scholarship basis. PGC will make the necessary arrangements for the scholarship admission under the PATHWay to Germany program.

The coordination of the visa preparation and the university admission is done by our German counterpart with a 10 year experience in the field. Contact us to schedule an interview with a German Educational and Visa Specialist that is held every Thursday at 12:30 pm at PGC.


Find the complete step by step guide below to see how the process works.

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Duration: 4 months
Lecture Schedule – Weekdays
Monday to Friday 9.00 to 4.00

NOTE: Due COVID the programme is delivered ON-CAMPUS and LIVESTREAMED (Virtual Classroom). Students could opt with which platform they wish to study. The livestream online classes makes a student to participate in PGC programmes from anywhere in the world.

Please Note: German pathway colleges admission can be arranged in every 6 weeks

Bachelors education:

O/L – 6C (2 Languages (Sinhala or Tamil + English, Maths/ Science)
A/L – 3S (Business Management related)
A/L – 3C (Engineering, Science etc)

Masters education:

Successfully completed Bachelor degree with minimum AVG of 75%, classes taken during BA degree have to match exactly requirements for Master degree

  • The final decision whether you are eligible for a Master’s degree is up to the university
  • Most universities require the student to do a higher Bachelor first, to make up credits and classes needed. The length of the higher Bachelor is determined by the university

Submit your application early enough to obtain visa without a rush.

Apply for the correct visa! Tourist and language course visas cannot be converted into a “student visa”.

Schedule your trip to Germany so that you have sufficient time to take care of the administrative obligations.

Enrolment is a prerequisite for obtaining the “residence permit for purposes of study”.

Make sure your passport is valid for your entire stay. However, if your passport expires while you are in Germany we will help you extend your visa.

Once you reach Germany and if your study program should last longer than 90 days, you must apply for a residence permit in the town or city where you are studying. The residence permit is initially issued for two years but can be extended each time for a further two years depending on your academic progress. After graduating successfully in Germany you can apply for a one year extension for the purpose of looking for a job.

Upon receiving the conditional offer letters you need to apply for a student visa. The student visa is generally issued for a period of three months. We will assist and guide you with all the pre-documentation leading up to obtaining your student visa. Generally you will have to submit the following papers along with your visa application.

  • Letter of admissions from the higher education institution
  • Proof of finance
  • Certificate confirming health insurance
  • Proof of previous educational qualifications and academic credits
  • Proof of any German language skills you may have or plans to take an intensive language course in Germany

For further information on visa you could visit www.colombo.diplo.de

PGC partner pathway college organizes internships for students, graduates and postgraduates in local and international companies in Germany. We choose companies which have opportunities in industries closely related to the intern’s university major or particular area of interest. Through our extensive corporate client base we are able to offer placement in approximately 1000 German companies around the country and in some cases abroad.

Internships are for the most part unpaid. Paid opportunities may be available for skilled employment or seasonal employment. Remuneration in kind may in some cases be possible; for instance in the form of accommodation etc.

Students also can gain work experience through part-time jobs and be exposed to the German labour market and make useful career contacts.

International students are allowed to work in Germany during the study period under certain conditions. A part-time job may help you to subsidize your budget and reduce the burden of living expenses. An international student is only allowed to work 90 full days or 180 half-days a year. It is important that students do not breach the stipulated working hours as it is strictly monitored and restricted by labour laws in Germany.

PGC together with their pathway colleges assist our students with a range of options in order to provide our students with the best environment for language learning.

Host Family Program-Living with a German host-family is one of the best options you can choose during your study period in Germany. This option to a greater extent helps you to learn the language fast and you will be able to experience the interesting intercultural connections in your environment. We have respectable families partnering who are most willing to welcome foreign students into their homes. They will not only help you advance your speaking, reading, writing and listening skills but also will make you feel at home and will provide you with care and guidance.

Student Dormitory / Youth Hostel-Student dormitory or hostel facilities are available on a shared basis with other students. This is in fact the most popular form of accommodation among students which is known in German as “Wohngemeinschaften” (WGs). Several students get together and share all the facilities in the apartment whilst which each student may have their own room.

Flat / apartment- If you are an independent learner and prefer to live on your own, a small apartment may be ideal for you. apartments are freely available in around universities you can choose an apartment based on your preference.

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Book an appointment with an educational adviser

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