Pre-Foundation Program in Business & Management


Certificate in Business Management (PRE-University Foundation)

This programme is intended to cater for those who do not have solid OLevel education background and but seek to obtain OLevel standard education which shall lead enrollment to bachelors level programmes. Students who successfully graduate shall be enrolled to PGC University Foundation through where you may transfer to the second year of business degree abroad..

Why PGC Pre University Foundation?

The Pre- Foundation program offered by Pathe Global Campus is one of the most benefited programs for students who are yet not achieved through their O/L’s examinations. Importance of this programme is due to the fact that, the student following this programme would be able to save time and cost to a great extent. If a student enter through this program it will take only 4 years for them to complete a world recognize degree program (Pre-Foundation, Foundation, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Degree) and hence could achieve this before the age of 20. This is an 8 months program and any student who is above the age of 15 can get direct entry to this program and achieve a solid foundation with getting a comprehensive knowledge. The program has structured in a way that, after following it , any student will be well equipped with the required skills, capabilities and also the transferable skills which is much important during pursuing their higher studies. It fills the gap of not achieving through your O/L’s examination and get you enter into a world recognized degree program.

Given the well curriculum developed according to the international standards that is offered through the pre- foundation, it focuses towards meeting the practical demands of the corporate world in order to ensure that graduates receive qualifications that match the current industry needs. Therefore students who will successfully complete this program will develop their confidence and it will gear up them to pursue for their next level of studies without any fear.


  • Introduction to Business
  • Foundation Mathematics
  • Communication Skills I & Communication Skills II
  • IT
  • Science  & Technology


ONE Year (Delivered in 8 months)

Admission Criteria: 

Age not less than 15 Years
NOTE: those with less English proficiency will have to follow extra English programme


Students can choose weekday or weekend batches.
Weekdays from 9am to 4pm and Weekend classes are conducted Saturdays and Sundays from 9 to 5
(PGC keeps the right to change the class times and dates for some modules anytime during the programme).

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