PATHE Global University Transfer (PGUT)
Cleary University Michigan,USA

Diploma in Business Management (1st Year of Degree)

The level 4 PATHE Diploma in Business Management is equivalent to the first year of Bachelors degree. Complete the PATHE Diploma in Business Management in 8 months and get a transfer to Cleary University (USA)

Business Strong is more than a slogan. It is our way of life!

Founded in 1883, Cleary University is built for tomorrow’s business needs. Our programs reflect the image of today’s most forward-thinking companies.

Innovative surroundings
Motivated students
Networked professionals

A Message From Dean of the College of Graduate

Greetings from the faculty, staff and students of Cleary University in Michigan, U.S.A. I am pleased to welcome you to the growing family of International Strategic Education Partners for Cleary University!

We are delighted that you have decided to work with us in developing American education opportunities for your students in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. I am personally familiar with education in Sri Lanka and our Director of Admissions for your region, Mr. Ketch, has thoroughly briefed us on Pathe Academy and your Business Diploma. We are excited about the potential for your business diploma students and both our institutions. We have found our current Sri Lankan students to be excellent and a positive addition to our increasingly diverse international student body. We enthusiastically welcome your transfer students with transfer credit as detailed in the agreement letter with exact study schedules depending on the A/Level stream completed, electives at Pathe Academy, and major selected at Cleary University. It is expected that Pathe Academy Business Diploma transfer students who have their A/Levels (Local or UK) along with Business Diploma courses should enter Cleary University with Junior status (meaning they will enter at some point in their third or Junior year). This may, of course, vary from student to student. Mr. Ketch has extensive experience in international education and will be working closely with you to ensure that your students are well prepared and have a smooth transfer. I can also assure you that other executive staff look forward to the possibility of making a future visit to Sri Lanka. Once again, welcome to the Cleary Family! We look forward to a long working relationship that will benefit both of our institutions and the students.

Lance B. Lewis, Ph.D. 
Provost and Chief Academic Officer / Dean of the College of Graduate, Adult, and Professional Studies

Pathway To Cleary University

in Michigan, U.S.A


RPL & Credit Transfer:
Credit transfer is considered for previous study/work experiences

Student Visa & Admission Process:

PATHE overseas student recruitment has over 20 years experience in facilitating student admissions abroad. Every year we send more than 500 students overseas with the highest visa approval success rate in the country. The officers at PATHE are specially trained in admission handling & visa document submissions that are endorsed by most embassies.

Professional and validated VISA and Migration guidance:

At PATHE you will be benefited by professional counseling and guided migration solutions that are provided by qualified and validated professionals.
PR after completion of study
Degree Completion Options Available

For further information contact the Course Coordinators on :

+94 11 250 2012

Why Cleary University?

  • 135 years of traditional excellence combined withbold innovation
  • Lower tuition fees
  • 11:1 student to faculty ration mean small classeswith personal attention
  • Located in “Michigan” one of the Top 10 statesfor International Students
  • Admission to MBA. Work instead ofstudying. CPT – The modern method ofexecutive education


Admission to 2nd-year bachelor’s in:

  • Business Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Travel & Tourism Management

Compulsory Units

  • Principles of Marketing
  • Economics for Business
  • Organizations & Management
  • Information Systems for Business Decision Making
  • Managing Financial Resources & Decisions
  • ICT
  • English for Communication (IELTS /TOEFL in built preparation programme)

Electives -Choose 3

  • Law of contract & Negligence for Business
  • Human Resources Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Operations in Hospitality & Tourism
  • Environment for Business


  • 8 Months


  • August 2020

Admission Criteria:

Local/London A/L or PATHE Business Foundation

Or any other A/L equivalent programme


Classes are conducted on weekdays 9am to 4pm (the class times and dates for some modules may change).
The programme is delivered by a panel of qualified lecturers from government university management faculties as well as by key industry professionals.
There shall be mandatory foreign lectures delivered through our partner universities.
Modern teaching concepts and resources will be used in delivering the programme.

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