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+ Credit transfers to Over 60 Global University Partners

Diploma in Business Management (GUT)

Course code: DBM

Diploma Majors in: Business Management | Marketing | Finance | Accounting | Finance | HRM | Hospitality Management | Travel & Tourism Management

Diploma in Business Management (GUT) is normally equivalent to the first year of bachelor’s in business studies. The programme is developed with the consultation by couple of academics from top US, New Zealand and Australian Universities which makes GUT compatible to transfer to most business degrees across the globe. Completing the GUT will assure you admission to second year through our articulated partners in more than 50 business specialties.

Our key articulated partners are:

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One of the featured highlights of GUT is that student may enroll with simple process and start the programme immediately. While following GUT the student would have ample time to prepare documents, English proficiency test & financials related to admission and visa connected to the university abroad. By doing this a student would wisely use the interim period from ALevel exams to the visa application date which is normally 4-6 months. By studying GUT student not only save one year of their life but also save over Rs.8-10 million from the expenses they would have incurred during the first year abroad.
Further the students could always opt to complete the full Degree in Sri Lanka.

Greetings from partner universities

Rongyu Li

(University of Canberra)

Lance B. Lewis

(Cleary University)

Penny Simmonds

(Southern Institute of Technology)

Thomas B. Hassett

(Gannon University)

Prof. Ron Edwards

(Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation)

Popular areas of specializations student transfer but not limited to are:

  • Business Management
  • Marketing management
  • Human Recourse Management
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Event, Sports & Tourism Management
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Public Administration
  • International Business
  • Hospitality
  • Public Accounting
  • Business Analytics
  • Executive Management
  • Health Care Management
  • Inter disciplinary Business Studies
  • E-Business

Other than articulated partners, we represent over 60 university partners including from UK, Canada, France, Singapore, etc through which you could gain credit exemptions through the Overseas Student placement arm PGC STUDY ABROAD.

TRANSFER Student Visa & Admission Process:

STUDY Abroad the overseas student recruitment arm of PGC has over 20 year experience in facilitating student admissions abroad. Yearly more than 500 students are sent overseas with the highest visa approval success rate in the country. The officers at PGC are specially trained in admission handling & visa document submissions that are endorsed by most embassies. The admission and Visa documentation preparation for Transfer programmes are done FREE of charge.

Accordingly, GUT is recommended for a student who intends to study a bachelors programme overseas.

Dr. Senaka Gamage

A Grade1 senior lecturer with a spinning background of over 20 years of university level lecturing, has held the posts of head of Department / Dean of Faculty of Management & Commerce Studies and Senate member of Sri Jayawardanapura University. He is the present Governing Council Member and Examination Board Chairman – Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka. Dr. Gamage also works closely in various capacities with the University Grants Commission, Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education and the Accounting Resource Centre of the Department of Accounting.

Currently he is appointed as a Director Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development (AHEAD) project of the USJP & Serves as an Academic Syndicate Member of the Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Studies & as a Quality Assurance reviewer for Institutional and Subject reviewers in Management, Accounting, Arts, Engineering, Medicine and Science since 2007. He holds a PhD in Accounting.

Chief Academic Consultant
GUT/ AUP Programmes
PGC Education

PGC has secured articulation agreements with number of universities which proved the international recognition and the credibility of the programme. The Global Transfer Programme(GUT) partner universities are approved by UGC. PGC is also registered with TVAC under the ministry of Ministry of Skills Development and Vocational Training. We are also registered with PHSRC-Health Ministry and Maldives accreditation system.

Compulsory Units – 7
Principles of Marketing
Economics for Business
Organizations & Management
Information Systems for Business Decision Making
Managing Financial Resources & Decisions
English for Communication (IELTS/ TOEFL in built preparation programme)

Electives – Choose 3
Law of contract & Negligence for Business
Human Resources Management
Financial Accounting
Business Operations in Hospitality & Tourism
Environment for Business

Full time: One year (Delivered accelerated in 8 months) on weekdays 0900 to 1600
Part time: One year delivered in 10 months. On weekends 0900 to 1800

(PGC keeps the right to change the class times and dates for some modules anytime during the programme)

NOTE: Due COVID the programme is delivered ON-CAMPUS and LIVESTREAMED (Virtual Classroom). Students could opt with which platform they wish to study. The livestream online classes makes a student to participate in PGC programmes from anywhere in the world.

A Level 3 passes or PGC University Foundation or equivalent

A Level with work experience coupled with other qualifications could be assessed based on PGC Aptitude test followed by evaluation of the academic council case by case.

RPL (Prior learning (study/work) could be assessed and led to credit exemptions.

NOTE: All prospective students should attend an English proficiency test at PGC. Those with less English proficiency will have to follow extra English programme.

The graduates could pursue to Masters studies anywhere in the world. Those who would not want to pursue to transfer abroad are provided degree completion in sri Lanka through AUP.

PATHE Visa Global a sister company of PGC offer PGUT students professional counseling and guided migration solutions by qualified and validated professionals.

KEY University-wise transfer plans

New Zealand University Transfer
Malaysian University Transfer
Australian University Transfer
University Of Canberra
Griffith University
American University Transfer
Cleary University
Gannon University

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