Higher Diploma in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Why Higher Diploma in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine?

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that works with people to identify and maximize their ability to move and function – an essential part of what it means to be healthy. Becoming a physiotherapist means you can play a key role in enabling people to improve their health, wellbeing and quality of life. Many physiotherapists work within hospitals. Here they are needed in virtually every department, from general out-patients to intensive care, where round-the-clock chest physiotherapy can be vital to keep unconscious patients breathing. PATHE Academy enjoys status of being the exclusive private educational institution in Sri Lanka to provide a wide range of programmes in healthcare sector since 1996. The programme curriculums are designed according to the international standards & are upgraded yearly in order to meet the ever changing employment demands.

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The recognition

The Healthcare qualifications are highly recognized in most countries and educational and governmental establishments all around the world. We are proud to mention that PATHE health programme graduates are working in more than 20 countries including UK, Italy, Sweden, Germany, France, Finland Dubai and Cyprus. PATHE higher Diploma is recognized by the Ministry of Health under PHSRC and Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development under TVEC Sri Lanka.

Further education opportunities

Graduate abroad

  • Guaranteed admission to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Health Care Leadership programme in the Cleary University USA.
  • Admission for 2ndyear/Credit exemptions of Degree programmes in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Malaysia. Contact PATHE-Study Abroad for more information.

Programme delivery

The programme is delivered with emphasis stressed to vocational aspect of the course and but not limiting to class room theory, assignments, exams, class room practices, demonstrations, job training and internships. Some of our modules may be delivered fully or party by through video presentations. PATHE management has the industrial training carried out in collaboration with major private healthcare institution networks.

PATHE Academy reserves the right to change the venue, date and time for some modules and practical which will not be more than 30% of the whole programme.


  • Anatomy & physiology 1 & 2 Kinesiology
  • Fractures and Splints Orthopedic Conditions Manipulative Therapy Postural Drainage
  • Electrotherapy, Actinotherapy, and Hydrotherapy Conditions Treated by Physiotherapy
  • Physical Education
  • Introduction to Physical Therapy Instruments English
  • Information and Communication technology
  • Physical Medicine Rehabilitation
  • Psychology
  • Research andWriting
  • Statistics
  • Financial & ManagementAccounting
  • FinancialManagement
  • 2500hrs Internship
Duration : Three years

(Part Time) Feb 2019, May 2019
(Full Time) Feb 2019, May 2019

Admission criteria

  • A/L pass for either of subject out of Biology or Physics with O/L pass for mathematic and English.
  • Foundation Diploma in Health Sciences conducted by PATHE Academy
  • Not less than one year working experience in related filed.
  • RPL: Special consideration and credit exemptions will be given to those who have past experience & qualification in the health sector.

Enroll to the programme

Deadline for applications are 2 weeks before the commencement date:

To enroll you are required to come in person with a passport size colour photograph (with the softcopy), all educational and work experience documents and meet our counselor or chose the online enrollment option to pay by credit card or through bank.

For further information contact the Course Coordinator +94 721 566 566 / +94 720 239 415

Official clinical training provider

Park Hospitals, a leading private hospital in Sri Lanka is the official practical training provider for the PATHE healthcare programmes. The delivery of the programme includes one day compulsory hospital demonstration work at Park Hospitals.