1. What is the course duration?
3 years full time


2. Are payment options available
Yes, excellent payment options are available.


3. Is specialization available?
Yes, we have 8 business specializations. In fact, a specialization is mandatory.


4. What is the Entry Requirement to enter the Degree?
G.C.E O/L or G.C.E A/L


5. What are the transfer options available to Cleary University?
* After Diploma Level – 2nd year at Cleary University, USA
* After Advanced Certificate Program- Final Year at Cleary University


6. Does Pathe Global Campus assist with Bank loans for the AUP programme?
Yes, we will arrange bank loans from major banks in Sri Lanka


7. Is the Degree offered the same as that issued by Cleary University for US students?
Yes, it is the same degree from Cleary University


8. Can I work and study at USA?
Undergraduate students are permitted to work in the USA on campus up to 20 hours per week and up to full time during school holidays, However on campus jobs are limited in number. If students have studied for at least one year in the USA they can undertake optional practical training (OPT) after graduation, provided they meet requirements. This allows them to gain up to a full year of paid career experience. STEM students may be eligible for a longer period of OPT.


9. I do not meet minimum entry criteria but have results pending. Is there a possibility of conditional admission?
Yes, we offer conditional admission to AUP