TVEC NVQ Level 4

Caregivers assist individuals who have difficulty performing basic day-to-day activities. For example; elderly, disabled people, or people suffering from chronic or mental disorders. A Caregiver’s duties include assisting with personal care, administering medication, and providing
companionship. They work in their clients’ homes or in special care facilities. After completion of the Advanced Care Giver programme, Daiki group will provide guaranteed employment at one of their Nursing Facilities in Japan (128 facilities available).

With a growing aging population the nursing opportunities are growing. Japan has the one of the highly regulated “Age Care” industries which requires a state registration. With this programme you are able to enrol to the Asahi International Welfare College where students are able to obtain the state registration to work as a Professional Caregiver. An Average Caregiver in Japan makes $26,269 per annum estimated Rs. 400,000 per month.

Pathway to Japan

  • Program : Care giver
  • NVQ Level : 4
  • Awarding Institute : PATHE Academy
  • Accreditation : TVEC
  • Entry Requirement: A\L’s
  • Age Requirement: 18- 26
  • Academic Pathway : AdvanceCaregiver Certificate ( Asahi International Medical Welfare College) + State License in Japan

PATHE Academy

  • Care Giver Level 4 – Course Outline 
    • Introduction to Care giver
    • Attend domestic affairs of the client
    • Maintain Personal hygiene and appearance of the client
    • Maintain the nutrition of the client
    • Provide Dugs/ Treatments
    • Check record vital signs
    • Care for an elderly client
    • Care for post natal mother new born baby
    • Care for infant
    • Care for Clients with special needs.

Asahi International Medical Welfare College – Aoi Group

  • Advance Caregiver program – Course Outline
    • Dignity and independence for human
    • Human relation and Communication
    • Understanding of Society
    • Basic of Care giving
    • Communication skills
    • Life Support skills
    • Care giving process
    • Understanding of development and ageing
    • Understanding of Dementia
    • Understanding of Disability
    • Mechanism of mind and body
    • Medical care

February 2019, September 2019

Aoi Group has established Asahi International Medical Welfare College to train ‘Care workers’ from other countries. The College constructed a new training center with a variety of training equipment to train care workers who are specialized in support and care work. The College provides maximum support to students from abroad, who are willing to be Caregivers in Japan, in the campus with cosmopolitan environment to realize the globalization of Caregiving.

(*Emphasis on this)

  • 100% Scholarships will be provided (Term and Conditions Apply.)

Program Partner

(Daiki Group Information and Pictures added here)

Daiki Group has established the Daiki Japanese Language School Tokyo in Minato-ku Tokyo and accommodates students from Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Myanmar, China, Korea, Nepal, etc. Daiki Japanese Language School conducts Language and Culture classes as well as supporting them for further education and employment.

Program Benefits with PATHE Academy:

  • Internationally Recognized Certificate
  • Part Time Provided while studying in Japan
  • Guaranteed Job
  • Obtain the Care giver State Registration (Emphasize on this)
  • PR Opportunities